Monday, September 13, 2010


The first volume of the Brooklyn Theatre Index has finally been published. Integrative Inks and Lightning Source doing excellent jobs (see earlier posts).
Promotion, however, has not gone well. The hopeful/promised support from theatre historical societies has not been forthcoming. The Brooklyn papers have shown little interest,  except for John Manbeck at the Brooklyn Eagle. A former official borough historian, Manbeck is writing a two-part review. The first being  published on September 16.
A Michael Zoldessy kindly posted an announcement on Cinema Treasures which was also listed at Thanks Michael!
Despite excellent publicity, the book launch at the Coney Island Museum, August 29, attracted only a small audience with just one copy sold and one given away as a door prize. Thanks should also be given to KGKino (Ken Gordon) who helped me lug all those boxes of books over to the museum and back again.
The second volume is nearing publication while I struggle to find ways to promote the first. It is available on Amazon and Barnes & NobleI also have it listed on Ebay.

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