Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Brooklyn Theatre Index

I was naïve about self-publishing. It was just a simple matter of preparing the text for publication and uploading a PDF file.
Completed in February, the first volume of the Index was ready for publication. Before submitting it to a publisher, I decided  to send it to  Integrative Ink for editing and formatting.  They found the text far from ready.  Stephanee Killen and David Bow, of Integrative Ink, made many suggestions, even preparing a style sheet. It became a basic college course for me with various  changes made over the next few months.  Their patience in working with this newbie was impressive.
While re-working Volume I, I was also researching and completing the second volume. Everything else pushed aside as the Index consumed more and more of my time. In researching self-publishing, it became clear that Theatre Talks would have to become a limited liability company. The Company Corporation chosen to handle the legalities.  A legal notice of the new  Theatre Talks LLC  published in the three local papers. USACorp, Inc. selected for that service.  A business bank account opened. I found myself forced in directions never originally intended. The project going way over budget.
Gotham Theatre from Volume I of the Index
Finally at the end of July, the Brooklyn Theatre Index, Volume I, Adams to Lorimer Street was ready for publication. Recommended by Integrative Ink, the PDF uploaded to Lightning Source . Offering the right choice of options, they moved quickly and efficiently in publishing the Index.
It had taken almost five months to prepare the first volume for publication. The second volume, submitted at the beginning of August, will be ready of publication the first week of September.  Self-publishing has been a learning experience.

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