Thursday, November 8, 2018

A Yankee Circus on Mars Opens the Hippodrome

Hippodrome Theatre

1120 6th Avenue,
 New York, NY

Built and operated by Fred Thompson & Skip Dundy, the Hippodrome opened on April 12, 1905 with “A Yankee Circus on Mars”.

Theatre Magazine, June 1905:

"The Hippodrome stage is the largest in the world, and only a faint idea of its real size is conveyed by these pictures. It is 110 feet deep and 200 feet wide, and 500 actors can appear on it with ease. The massive scenery, some of which weighs as much as 10 tons, is picked up bodily by a system of electric cranes which convey the pieces to and fro with no apparent effort."

"After the spectacular piece 'A Yankee Circus on Mars' comes an aquatic performance. The platform sinks in and the stage is transformed into a vast tank filled with water through which 'The Raiders' make their sensational plunge. The reservoir is 12 feet deep, and presents a realistic picture of a mountain torrent."

Hippodrome Theatre

The Lost 1905 New York Hippodrome

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