Monday, April 25, 2016

What Did You Say Was Playing at the Music Hall?

Showmen's Trade Review, May 31, 1947: 

"What did you say was playing? Whoever asked that question (unless he was blind) should be whisked off to the padded cell. For it is readily apparent, judging from the photo above, that nearly every available inch of the facade of the downtown Music Hall in Los Angeles was utilized for this large and striking front on United Artists' 'The Macomber Affair'  

"The fluorescent letters of the 20x40--foot banner shone brightly at night as well as in daytime, according to Cliff Giesseman, general manager of the four Music Hall theaters. Additional banners were suspended beneath the marquee.

"Bet  Gregory Peck never dreamed, back in his 1939 New York World's Fair days, that his name would appear so many times on one theatre front!"

Music Hall

Received an email from Los Angeles theatre historian Bill Counter:

"The theatre in question, however, isn't the Music Hall in Beverly Hills that you link to. We're downtown at 8th & Broadway at the Tower Theatre -- known at the time as the Music Hall.  I added the pic to my page:"

Thanks Bill!

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