Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Zorro Leaves His Mark at the Mission Theatre

Exhibitors Herald, January 8, 1921:

"The New Mission selected 'The Mark of Zorro' as its opening attraction. Robert E. Wells, managing director, then proceded to do all in his power, which was considerable, to make the opening an event of precedential [sic]  magnitude."

"Doormen attired in bandit costumes such as worn by Fairbanks in the picture welcomed guests."
"Interior of the New Mission Theatre, Los Angeles, on the opening night of the 'Mark of Zorror' run."

"Charles Ray and Carter DeHaven were among those present. Ray is plainly seen in the photograph."

"Immense crowds were attracted to see film notables present. Fred Niblo seen entering automobile."

"Douglas Fairbanks leaving the New Mission theatre, after the first show on the opening night."

"Mr. Wells has the following to say about the event:
'Los Angeles believes that 'The Mark of Zorro' is Douglas Fairbanks' greatest picture, as evidenced by the fact that since our New Mission theatre, was opened, we played to absolute capacity, with midnight shows added both Saturday and Sunday.
'We have established world's attendance records during these past four days with prices from fifty cents to one dollar and fifty cents.'" 

Mary Miley's Roaring Twenties: Douglas Fairbanks, Creator of Zorro

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