Monday, November 10, 2014

Ridgewood Theatre, 55-27 Myrtle Avenue, Ridgewood, NY 11385

From an advertisement, for the Ridgewood Theatre in The Weekly Chat, December 23rd, 1916:
"Opens Saturday Night, Dec. 23rd, 6 Big Acts of Vaudeville And Superior Photo Plays, Complete Change of Program Every Monday and Thursday"

Motion Picture Herald, April 11, 1931: 

 "The Ridgewood theatre in Brooklyn was modernized considerably by the theatre construction department of the Fox Theatres Corporation, to make it fit to meet today's competition in that borough of New York City.   

"Structural changes consisted in the filling in of the well between the auditorium and the mezzanine floor, making the mezzanine promenade a spacious corridor. Major structural changes were also involved in making the projection quarters larger to provide space for new projectors, spots, and effect machines, together with safety devices and auxiliary equipment.

"Boxes that adjoined the proscenium arch were removed and in their place new arch features were designed. A complete air conditioning system utilizing deep well water in place of refrigeration, was installed, while there were also considerable changes in the electrical equipment made necessary by the new projection equipment and stage lighting.  

"Other changes include redecoration of the lobby, new seats for the auditorium chairs, new carpeting and drapes, while the plumbing was also modernized and renewed, and new lighting fixtures were added practically throughout the theatre."

We Love Ridgewood Theatre

After the Final Curtain

NY City Lens

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