Thursday, September 25, 2014


With the third and concluding volume of the Brooklyn Theatre Index nearing its publication, we will be featuring during the month of September, borough performance spaces on our various web logs and sites.

Ballyhoo for "Smilin' Through" at the Loew's Metropolitan Theatre, 392 Fulton Street.

Exhibitors Trade Review,
 July 1, 1922:

"The lobby of Loew's Metropolitan, Brooklyn, with special decorations for the showing of First National's 'Smilin' Through. 

"The ballyhoo stunt, which used an open victoria in which the couple dress as the characters of the play drove through the streets and entered the theatre, is the to be roadshowed, according to present arrangements.

"The carriage paused occasionally on its journey through the streets and distributed invitations to the marriage of Moonyeen and John at the Metropolitan Theatre. 

"The carriage pulled up at the theatre and the couple entered. They paused in the garden set erected in the lobby and following a bit of pantomime entered the auditorium."

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