Saturday, July 26, 2014

23 Stars on the Marquee at the Liberty Theatre, Long Beach

In the 1930s and 40s, MGM could boast of having "more stars than there are in heaven." Released, by the studio, on December 31, 1922, "The Stranger's Banquet" featured "23 well known stars," posing a problem to theatre marquees.

Exhibitor's Herald, September 30, 1922:

Exhibitors Trade Review, March 31, 1923:

"Starring 23 players would seem a big contract for the exhibitor who tried to do it all in one display until the idea was worked out, as it has been by the Goldwyn exploitation department and improved upon by showmen, as it is in this marquee display for 'The Stranger's Banquet' at the Liberty Theatre, Long Beach, Cal.

"The Stars made an effective border, showing up especially well at night when they were flooded with lights concealed on the canopy. The sign above was a painted imitation of the 24-sheet."

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