Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quinn's Rialto, 812 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Urban Outfitters is considering opening a store in the former Rialto Theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

Moving Picture World, June 23, 1917:
"Los Angeles was the scene on May 28 of the formal opening of J. M. Quinn's new motion picture theater, the Rialto. Prior to the formal opening, the house had been opened to the general public a week previous.

"Manager Quinn's new establishment strikes a note of comfort that has been the cause of much favorable comment by his audiences. Artistic simplicity characterizes the foyer and interior decorations. The lighting system is pleasing and is so arranged that it can be utilized in heightening incidental effects in the projecting of the feature.

"A huge electric sign representative of flickering candles and with the emblazoned words 'Quinn's Rialto,' at the top of the theatre structure, gives the theater its place in the sun on the local Broadway.

"Selig's multiple reel feature, 'The Garden of Allah," has drawn capacity audiences from the first day of the opening. Mr. Quinn was the recipient of many floral tributes from his many friends upon the ushering in of his newest venture.

"Through Irving Lesser of the All Star Feature Distributors, Mr. Quinn bought the entire rights for Los Angeles for 'The Garden of Allah.'"

The Rialto in 2002 by Betty Sword, all rights reserved

Interior of the Grauman's  Rialto 

Recent photo of interior

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