Monday, May 16, 2011

Pavilion Sold

The sale of Park Slope's beleaguered Pavilion Cinema has been the subject of three recent blog postings..
Miriam Coleman reports in the Park Slope Patch, that "Park Slope may once again have a local movie theater that people won’t be too skeeved out to go to."
"Pete" sent Mary, at the Windsor Terrace Blog,  an email concerning an article in FIPS about the Pavilion "actually truly doing some kind of vague renovation."
"Say goodbye to the bed bug infested, spooge covered, filthy purple seats folks!"proclaimed FIPS after receiving a tip from reader @axelmurillo. In all fairness, it should be pointed out that the bed bug allegations were never proven.

Filming at the Pavilion (photo: Betty Blade)

The Patch provides the actual proof of the sale with a quote from Jill Calcaterra, the Chief Marketing Officer for  the previous owners Cinedigm:
"We found a local buyer who was interested in making an investment in the theater — refurbishing it — so it just made sense."
The blog does make a mistake in referring to the Pavilion (nee Sanders) as a "one-time movie palace."
This is a common error  made by many reporters who believe that every movie theatre built during the so-called "Golden Age of Hollywood" was a palace.
Attractive in its Moorish design, the Sanders was certainly nicer than its nearby competition the Minerva but it was not a palace. In some ways, the battle over the Pavilion reflects back to those old days of Park Slope movie-going when neighborhood houses such as the Minerva and the Avon were affectionately known as  "the itch" or "the dump".

1947 photo by Sidney B. Silleck, Jr. (part of author's collection)

At the moment, details are lacking concerning the sale of the Pavilion. FIPS reports a rumor that a "Jewish business group" purchased the theatre. Are these individuals already involved with theatres or is this a new venture? In any case, the walls are being covered with paint numbers and the candy clerk (once again according to FIPS) says "it's going to be real nice when its done."

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