Friday, March 25, 2011

Ask and Give Credit

It is annoying to discover one of your photos posted without credit on someone else’s page.
So it was recently on Facebook when I discovered—no name, no credit will be given —had downloaded a photo of my Flatbush walk for the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment. The image was by Betty who documents my theatre tours.  Another of her Flickr photos had also been used—once again no credit.
Naturally this is always a problem when posting images on the web. Often someone will email asking permission to use a photo. Occasionally I have found an image used without permission but with credit given.
The person on Facebook built up a series of albums devoted to Brooklyn theatres. She searched the internet, grabbing photos from everywhere and reposting. Along with the images she had collected a great deal of misinformation as well. The captions accompanying many of the photographs filled with historical inaccuracies.
Betty and I will continue to upload photos to our various sites. We can only hope that people will respect our copyrights—ask permission, give credit.

The above photo is by Betty—please ask permission to use, please give credit.
It is from my second Flatbush walk for the Brooklyn Center. On the first tour, we actually managed  to view the interior of a very worn dilapidated Kenmore Theatre just before it closed.

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