Friday, March 4, 2011

Amazon Author Page

While searching for ways to promote the Index, I came upon Amazon  Author Central. This feature gives me a page with photo/bio, list of books available and an RSS feed from this blog (except on While some have reported minor difficulties in setting up their pages, I found it very easy with no problems to report. Whether it will have any effect on sales remains to be seen. However it is free and free promotion is always good.

I have contributed to other books available on Amazon but apparently can’t post these since I am not the listed author.

My short history on Brooklyn moving going was one of the essays included in  Brooklyn Film edited by John Manbeck and Robert Singer.  I have a few misgivings about the final edit (no one ever asks the author about this).  However in the New York Daily News review, Denis Hamill wrote that his favorite essay was on “the history of Brooklyn movie theaters by Cezar Del Valle.”

I also contributed images to Hollywood in Vintage Postcards created by Rod Kennedy, Jr. Some of the photos credited to me are not mine and those credited to others are.

As a theatre historian, I get letters or phone calls from people doing research on a certain topic. The Brooklyn Collection, at the Central Library, will sometimes give  a researcher my name and number.  I will help if I can.  A search on Google will sometimes find me credited in some publication. Occasionally the person will call or write back to say thanks and that their book is finally published. I have  an “acknowledgment” in Brooklyn: A State of Mind and a source listing in  Betty Smith: Life of the Author of a Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Valerie Raleigh Yow.

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